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In an article posted on April 1, 2010 on InternetRetailer.com "14.5% of the 75.2% of merchants selling internationally, which includes Canada, report that in 2009 more than 25% of their total web sales came from customers outside of the United States." It is with this knowledge, and forward thinking attitude, that L2 Global Services sought to create USAOpen.com. Having already established themselves as experts in the shipping industry, the addition of a complimentary company that could provide a valid US address to an endless market of international consumers, and ship their purchases directly to their door, was almost as perfect as introducing icing to cake.

USAOpen.com allows international consumers the ability to purchase items from US retailers who do not ship internationally and, due to our high volume of shipments, we are able to offer significant discounts in shipping these items to them. However, it is not just our international client-base who is seeking the services of our newest subsidiary. US Merchants who are looking to expand sales globally, without the risks associated with international shipping, have found USAOpen.com the perfect solution.

For further information on how we may service your needs, please visit our site directly at USAOpen.com.


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